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The Beatles’ Love

July 10, 2009

Last week I went to Las Vegas for the 4th of July. It was a great trip. My familiy went with our family friends and we had an absolute blasts. From dining at strange restaurants in the middle of nowhere to trading hilariously explicit jokes to pass time, the drive was truly a pleasure.

But the real magic happened when we got to Vegas. My parents had been telling me how exciting the show was before I got there, and I beleived them, but I thought it would just be another “Across the Universe” (the movie) where songs are just thrown in carelessly and no heart or soul was present.

I was wrong.

From the moment I heard the first guitar chord, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing from my eyes. I kept crying, and crying and crying and I just couldn’t help it! I tried to think of why I was crying to much — it wasn’t particularly sad, and I was in a great mood!

The dancing, the music, the beauty, the cretivity, the atmosphere — it was all overwhelming! The passion with which the performers moved, the pride they took in dancing to the Beatles’ music — it all touched me in a way I never imagined it could.

I think the reason I was so emotional is because, well, lets take a song like Lucy in the Sky with Diamons. I have listened to that song around 100 billion times. Each time, I am in such awe of the beauty of the lyrics that I feel like I want to get down on my knees and worship the music, but I can’t. The music is inanimate. There is nothing I can physicallly touch or point at and say, “That is incridble. That is my hero. That is why I wake up in the morning.”

But when I saw “Love,” I finally thought, “This is it. This what I have wanted to do for so long. Finally the songs are being respected, praised and celebrated in the way they deserve.”

I finally saw the most beautiful things I imagined for the songs put into action, and that was what inspired the tears.

When I left the theatre, I was speechless. I didn’t even need to see fireworks. After that, the fireworks would seem like nothing more than the lighting of a match. I didn’t want to ruin that perfect feeling of contentment and amazement I had — so I just went to sleep. I saw all the fireworks I needed in my life in that theatre.

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  1. July 14, 2009 4:53 pm

    I’m jealous.

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