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Space Terrors, Part I

July 13, 2009

So, I was bored at work the other day, and I emailed my older sister to try to pass time, and she told me that if, in fact, I am bored, that I should write a story. I asked her what kind of story, and she said a sci-fi story, and I said, “ok”. Soooo, here it is. *BEWARE* it is extremely lame.

Zygrila rolled over and glanced out her window. The vast blackness speckled with shining orbs lay out like an ocean all around her. She felt as though the stars were a hammock for her to fall into as it cradled her against the soft darkness of the sky that lay in abundance beneath and above her.
But she was used to this sight – it was one of the many joys that came along with living in a space station. After all, it was the year 3459; earth was uninhabitable, and so was every other planet in the solar system, Mercury, Jupiter and all.
Despite the sadness of losing planet earth and all the surrounding planets as well, Zygrila had many things to be happy for. Her two best friends each lived in the apartment rooms across and beside her on the third floor of the space station. Every day (or at least the equivalent of a day in space time), the three girls would ride their hoverboards, play with their robo-dolls and hang out at the cyber mall. It was a life of pleasure and leisure – all Zygrila could have asked for.
Her father was captain of the space station on which they all lived – the Endless Journey. He executed the duties his position with pride and honor; Cyrus Xegutra was considered a hero in the space station. He was a father Zygrila was proud to call her own, especially since she had no mother of which to speak. She had died when Zygrila was very young, defending the space station against an alien attack. She fought by Cyrus’side, and died there. Zygrila never got over it.
It caused her to fear even more for her father’s safety. Being the captain of the station, Cyrus was always at the head of the attack when the Endless Journey fought feuding planets and races of antagonistic aliens. Many nights she would lay awake when her friends slept over, worrying about him and hoping he would come back safely. He always did, and for that she was thankful. But who knows how many more battles he had before he ended up just like her mother?
“Have you ever told him how you feel, Zygrila?” said Wopilia, one of Zygrila’s dear friends. “I’m sure he’d be more than willing to talk to you about it.”
“No, no, no, I can’t do that. He loves his job more than anything, and I would never want to make him guilty for doing it.”
“But he loves you more,” said Qwerty, the third musketeer in Zygrila’s crew. “You should talk to him if it’s giving you so much stress. He’ll listen! I promise you!”
But Zygrila was still hesitant. She knew her father was a hero and that he loved what he did, but she didn’t know what to do without him! Losing one parent was hard enough, but two? She didn’t think she was strong enough to handle that. If anything ever happened to him, she didn’t know what she would do. So she decided that she would sit down and have a talk with him – father to daughter – about how she felt.
One night when her father returned from the command center, Zygrila greeted him as she always did, and they sat and ate dinner together, overlooking the Milky Way galaxy. Not a bad view, eh?
“Dad,” Zygrila began, “Can I talk to you about something serious?”
“Of course honey,” Cyrus replied, laying down his fork. “Anything!”
“Well, I love you a lot Dad, you a hero to everyone on the space station, but you are my personal hero too.”
“Aw honey, I love you to.” said Cyrus. “You’re my hero too.”
“But this is more serious, Dad. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, but –”
Then the sirens went off, and the red alert lights blazed. Zygrila looked around in a panic –she knew what was happening, she just didn’t want to accept it.
Cyrus immediately got up, kissed Zygrila on the forehead and said, “I’ll be back soon, baby, I promise. I love you.”
Then he was gone, he was off. Enemies were coming to attack the space station, and Cyrus was off to meet them. Once again, he threw his life in the shaky hands of fate, and Zygrila was left alone to bear the familiar burden of her worry and the sick feeling of helplessness – the feeling of not knowing when, if ever, she would see her father again.
Zygrila again turned to look out her window at the rolling darkness, but this time, among the speckles of light, she saw a shiny mass hurriedly making its way toward the Endless Journey.

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  1. July 14, 2009 7:39 am

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