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Mistaken Identity

July 15, 2009

I am a teenager and I got into a fight with my parents. Normal.

Naturally, I then log onto facebook to facechat someone and vent my anger and frustration with what I feel is my parents’ oppressive nature.

I see that my dear friend is on, so I immediately begin a chat with her.

“Ugh, I hate my parents!”

That was how I started. I then jumped into a long, mildly personal interlude about what just went down, and then a bunch of cliche school girl quotes like

“They don’t understand”


“They never listen to me!”

I was so wrapped up in emotion that I didn’t even wait for a response from her until I had told her EVERYTHING. But two minutes after I had spilled my soul, I noticed that she hadnt said anything back.

I was about to write, “Hey, are you there?” when my eyes glanced upward. Turns out, I hadn’t clicked on my friend’s name when I started the chat. I accidentally clicked on the person above her. I had just shared my innner thoughts, pains, anguish, loathing and fears with a girl I have met twice and haven’t seen or spoken to for six months.

Riddled with a tragic mix of embarrassment and awkwardness, I logged off. No further words needed to be spoken. I stumbled bewilderedly from the computer and resolved that I would sort out my problems on my own. The internet is an unpredictable place, children — message wisely.

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