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No Way…was Harry Potter Really That Good?

July 15, 2009

Yes, it was. I just saw the sixth Harry Potter movie, and, to be honest, it was the best Harry Potter movie I have seen yet — by far!

I went to the midnight premiere — but it was on the spur of the moment. I know there were many, MANY people who planned to watch that movie at midnight weeks in advance, but I wasn’t really that excited to see it. All of the other Potter movies, to me, had simply been a let down. They weren’t that good, and I expected so much more. Five times I went and watched, and five times I was disappointed. It’s a miracle I somehow managed to keep the faith!

But this time, I went, clad in Potter glasses, with a fake scar drawn in magic marker on my forehead, holding a drumstick-wand. I have read all 7 books, so I am allowed to go a bit crazy at these things.

I honestly just went because: 1. It was my little sisters’ birthday, 2. I have read all the books, so, why the hell not? 3. It was near midnight, I wasn’t tired, and I had nothing else to do.

So, I went. And, to my GREAT surprise, the movie was FANTASTIC! The direction was brilliant, the screenplay (although it didn’t stay completely faithful to the book) was compelling, the acting was much better, the cinematography was breath-taking, and the movie, to me, was an all around success!

Maybe I was just so surprised because I went in with such low expectations after being disappointed FIVE TIMES IN A ROW, but I truly believe that this movie was much better than the rest.

I was particularly impressed with the direction! It was so original, quirky and fun! The beloved British trio were captured in new and interesting ways they never had before, and the director, David Yates, seemed to finally understand how to capture the true essence of each character, and brilliantly yet subtley show each of the traits that make each personality so dear and magnetic.

But also, the cinematography was stunning! There were many times when the movie cut to a new scene, and my jaw literally dropped because of the beauty of the frame. The way Yates placed the characters amongst nature throughout the film was inspired and original. I have nothing but good things to say about that.

Additionally, Radcliffe and Watson stepped up their game in the acting department. They finally made themselves believeable. Grint, to me, has always been great, and he simply continued on in his brilliance.

All in all, from dressing up to being happily surprised, seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was a great experience, and I went. I guess, in the Potter case, the sixth time’s the charm!

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