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US Soccer

July 27, 2009

Why does no one in the US care about US Soccer? For instance, today, the US Men’s soccer team is playing in the FINALS of the Gold Cup, and, for one, it is not being broadcast on any major sports stations, I hear absolutely NO mention of it in the news, and it is going virtually UNNOTICED! In fact, when they won in the semi finals to get to the finals….not ONE major newspaper put it on it’s front page. The only attnetion it got was in a little side article in the soccer section. A random, unimportant article on the gossip surrounding David Beckham’s dullness even got top billing over it! What is going on?

Why do people refuse to care about it? Soccer is an INCREDIBLE sport! The beauty, the grace, the speed of play, the tenacity, the heart, the spirit! Soccer has it all! The players need to be fit! Not like baseball…nearly ANYONE can play baseball…you just have to be able to WALK, literally. Any man on the verge of a diabetes-induced heart attack could walk onto a baseball diamond and make a fortune — all he has to do is inject himself chock-full of steroids and that then hit a ball with a stick — that oughta do the trick!

But not only that — soccer players need to be graceful and tactful. It is a beautiful game, one that takes planning, concentration and smarts. Faking out a defender, dribbling, shooting, passing with your team — all of that involved thought, decision making, quickness of pace and lightness of foot! Its not like football or hockey where all you have to do is slam yourself head-first into someone else at full tilt! You aren’t just dragging some piece of leather across a field and throwing yourself across the finish line! You are specifically maneuvering your way around other players; systematically getting the object of your desire — the soccer ball — from one end of the soccer pitch to the other. When a soccer player scores, it releases a feeling of true accomplishment, as it doesn’t come around five MILLION times in one game as it does with basketball. Every five seconds a basket is scored, but in soccer, goals are seldom and it makes their achievement that much sweeter. Look at this clip, and THEN tell me if you think soccer isn’t an amazing sport that should be paid more attention:

And I feel like I am qualified to say this. I am an avid sports-watcher. I love watching all sports! Even though I may have soudned harsh when i was talking about baseball, I do love watching the sport! It’s one of the most beloved American pastimes! I also LOVE watching basketball, football and nearly any other sport — I love sports in general. But I must admit, I love soccer above all, and it even offends me that soccer has gone so unnoticed and uncared for for so many years in the US. It should be appreciated far more — it is an incredible sport.

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