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College Continued

September 18, 2009

Well, I’m sorry for those of you who are incredibly interested in the PA Group phenomenon. PA Groups aren’t that interesting — they’re simply groups of 10-11 people in the Freshman class, and they’re meant to help everyone get to know each other. Although somewhat boring, my PA Group has been a great source of friendship — so that is nice.

College, for me, is a series of extreme highs and lows, although the highs have been more frequent than the lows. The crazy thing about it, though, is that you never know what to expect on each day. You never know who you’re going to meet. You could wake up one morning, go to lunch, meet your future best friend, and not know it until you give the friendship time to blossom! Of course, I haven’t been in college long enough to know which of the what seems like thousands of people I have met will be my best friends, I’m certain that I will come to that realization soon enough.

I register for classes today. As fate would have it, my registration time in 1:30, which means that most likely all of the classes worth taking will be filled up and I will be left with boring, uninteresting classes that will leave me with an empty feeling inside at the end of each session. Just kidding! But seriously, my registration time is bad, but I still have hope that I will be able to get into classes that are appealing to me! I have hope on my side. I just wish I had luck too!

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  1. September 18, 2009 6:47 pm

    So… what are you taking? (maybe you don’t know yet – it’s 11:30 here – so it’s 1:30 there. So no, you’re working it all out RIGHT NOW) Oh it’s all very exciting!

    As for the friends – what a fun adventure – you never know what can happen… Early in my freshman year of college I started noticing this guy around – he was cute, seemed confidant and definitely too cool for me. In my head I called him “the guy that looks like Mike Vargas” – he didn’t really look like Mike Vargas (my neighbor), but that’s what I called him. A couple months into school I met this guy – he was my boyfriend’s high school friend’s roommate – it was a brief introduction/encounter. After that, I often saw him around campus – I still called him “the guy that looks like Mike Vargas” in my head – we were still basically strangers, I’m not even sure I’d made the connection that we’d already been introduced at some point. 2 years later, fall Junior year – a friend of mine starts dating this guy that she says I have to meet, we’d get along so well. I meet him and guess what… he’s the guy that looks like Mike Vargas!! And guess what else? One year later he and I started dating and 6 years after that we got married.

    So, you never know 🙂

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