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Buying Books

September 20, 2009

Two aching shoulders and $500 later, I have all my books for school.

It is strange to think that I could have spent 1/3 of all the money I made over the summer in 20 seconds. This is how it happened.

I walked a significant distance off campus to get to a bookstore where I had heard that you could but nice, cheap, used books. So, I embarked on the journey. Once I got there, it was a mad house! Apparently I wasn’t the only one that had heard of this phenomenon.

Students were literally running from room to room, nabbing every last cheap and used book they could find. I felt like I was in a war zone and everyone was madly searching for ammunition! So, I told myself, “when in Rome!”.

I, too, began running around frantically. I grabbed the biggest bag I could find and began filling it with every essential book I needed. I fought tooth and nail with a poor, small girl in glasses for a copy of Macchiavelli’s The Prince. I grabbed a crappy, torn up copy of Heart of Darkness. I beat an armada of crazed students to a shelf where the last copy of The Maltese Falcon lay waiting. I emerged victorious.

I stumbled, bruised and bloody, to the check out line, where shortly after I discovered that I would have to pay $523 for my loot. I’m pretty sure I would have been angry if I wasn’t so worn out from the entire experience as a whole. Instead, I just returned to my dorm with a sense of loss.

I carried my books over my shoulder in a bag I got from the store. I had to switch shoulders every 30 seconds as the books were so heavy I was worried I would tear some important ligament in my arm. It was as though the walk would never end.

However, that sense of loss was immediately replaced by a sense of excitement as I looked over my booty. At this point, I am excited beyond belief to read all these books and extract all the information I can from them! Classes start Tuesday, and I cannot wait! As nerdy as this may sound — let the learning begin!

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  1. victoria permalink
    September 21, 2009 2:27 pm

    the bit about fighting the girl in glasses for a copy of Machiavelli made me laugh out loud. Brought back some fond and not so fond memories!

  2. September 22, 2009 10:27 pm

    woohoo – let the learning begin!

  3. Rob Mendel permalink
    October 25, 2009 10:28 pm

    So your writing on the Daily Northwestern precludes any recent contributions to your blog? Hmmmmmmmmmm………… Don’t leave us in suspense!

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