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Sleep: The most annoying but necessary thing ever

January 15, 2010

I hate that the world has to sleep. I understand that people need to do it, and that it is very necessary to maintain a healthy, happy and thriving life, but it is the most pathetically annoying and worthless thing I can possibly think of.

When one is sleeping, they are accomplishing nothing. What are they doing? Nothing. They are simply indulging in the fine art of laying in a comfortable position for hours on end. Yes, they might be dreaming, but when they wake up, 99.999% of the time, they don’t even REMEMBER their dreams! Therefore, their time has been completely wasted.

And that is really all sleep is. It is a waste of time. Yes, it recharges your battery — but imagine if human beings didn’t have to sleep. Just sit back, and imagine that briefly. Are you imagining? Good. Here’s what that world would look like:

People would be available all the time. Let’s say you needed to call someone up to ask them some questions. Let’s say you REEEALLLY need those questions answered. If people didn’t have to sleep, there would be nothing stopping you from getting that done. There would be SO much more time in your day to do THINGS. Plus, you could do everything more efficiently because you would never, EVER have the excuse to say, “Oh man, I’m SO tired.” It just wouldn’t happen! And you could engage in so many more activities and not worry, “Man, I should get some sleep,” or, “If I do this, I’ll be sooo tired in the morning.” Life would be longer, more beautiful and MUCH more action packed.

I hate sleep. Well, I love it in one sense: it feels so good. But I think that might be another reason for me to hate it too, because it beckons me — it tempts me. The last thing I want to do is waste time sleeping, but its what my body AND mind are TELLING me to waste my time doing. I hate that it makes people unavailable. It’s absence puts people in a bad mood — once again making them unavailable. When I crave it, I become virtually useless — void of creation, spontaneity and spunk. Sleep is a thorn in my side — a constant in my life that I am EXTREMELY reluctant to have.

Ah, just one more thing I can add to the list of things in my life that, no matter how passionately I speak or write about, I will never be able to change.

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