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OUTRAGE… the Critic’s Choice Awards

January 16, 2010

So I’m sitting in a coffee shop working on some homework (a rare, rare occurrence), so, naturally, I’m surfing the internet. What else would I be doing when I’m doing homework?

I notice that the Critic’s Choice Awards were last night, and I think to myself, “Oh! I’m so excited to see how many awards Avatar won!”

Avatar was, in simple words, the best movie ever made. James Cameron is a visionary and an anomaly. He’s a one of a kind, and that movie was so deeply moving and touching and thought-provoking that it would seem impossible that a movie like the HURT LOCKER would take not only best picture from Avatar, BUT ALSO BEST DIRECTOR!!!

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! What is this? In what way was The Hurt Locker more revolutionary? More touching? More beautiful? I don’t understand this! James Cameron worked on Avatar for 15 freakin’ years! And here come the Critic’s Choice Awards and they think, “Yeah, the Hurt Locker was better. Let’s give IT all the awards.” WHAT!?!?!?!?

What were the critics told to choose?  Anything BUT the best movie in it’s category? Avatar DID NOT win for best picture, best director OR best MAKEUP. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS!!

Here is a clip from the movie, just to refresh your memory in case the impossible has occurred (you forgetting how amazing Avatar was):

After I saw Avatar, my life was changed. I immediately saw it twice more in theaters, and have since dedicated myself to getting as many other people to see it as possible. Everyone I have spoken to who has seen the movie has given me the same reviews. It is universally accepted as something that will change the nature of the movie-making business. And that is all true.

So you can understand my alarm when I logged on to IMDB and saw the tragedy — the injustice — that has occurred. I am shocked and appalled. The Golden Globes are on Sunday. Let’s hope these people can get their minds right and make the right choice. GAH.

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