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Spring Break Day 3: Reading, Writing, NO Reporting

March 21, 2010

Straight up chillin’. Third day in a row. No complaints. Here’s the low down.

I wake up at my own leisure. No alarm clocks, no panicking, no stress — just me waking up because, hey, I’m not sleepy anymore! Today has been a day of complete and utter relaxation with three main ingredients: 1) family 2) Oliver Twist 3) Blink 182.

So once I wake up, I get my guitar out and start jamming. I’ve started writing this song I’m pretty into. I’ve got to flesh out the deets of the song, but from what I’ve got now, I’m pretty excited for the finished products. Here’s the deal with me and music-making: I’ll start something, be into it, and then get really overwhelmed by the idea of it, then not have the energy to complete it. It sucks. I think if I followed through with every song I started, or just had the energy and courage to finish through each one, I would have quite the song book. But, hey, we’ll see how extensive my original music library will be at the end of break! Lets not rush!

Once I finally made my way downstairs, I read the paper (let’s all root for Obama and the healthcare bill for tomorrow woo hoo!!!) over breakfast with my dear mother. I actually got a haircut — first one since Winter Break, I kid you not. So that was exciting. My hair has this weird feeling right now, it’s, what’s the word, oh, that’s right — it’s HEALTHY! THAT’S the word I was looking for. Anyways, moving on …

My older sister came in to have lunch and see me, and dude, it’s always so good to see family. We went and god lunch, and we talked about life and college and work and BOYS, but I’ve discovered that I’m really bad at gushing about boys. I’m just not the “OH MY GAWWW” type. It becomes a problem when people want to know about your social life and college and you really can’t elaborate on anything juicy. I guess it’s the journalist in me. It’s all about straight facts — no bias, no bullshit. Hah. God, why am I so bad at being a girl?

I read a lot of Oliver Twist today, and I feel like it’s necessary for me to remind everyone that Charles Dickens is an absolute beast. You just can’t touch his satire. It’s golden. His vocabulary is boss and his descriptions are so spot on that you could sweat you’ve met each of his characters before. But, I caution you, in case you haven’t read Oliver Twist already, don’t do it if you’re in a delicate mental state. The damned thing is so depressing it will make you do one of two things, depending on where you’re at mentally. You’ll either: A) jump off a building, B) Donate ALL your spare change to the local homeless children’s center. No joke. Oliver’s life is a shitshow.

On my to-do list for tomorrow: Buy a soccer ball. Then the games will truly begin. We’ll see what happens!

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