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Spring Break Day 5: STRAIGHT CHILLIN

March 23, 2010

I woke up in the morning feeling like Emilia Barrosse, and in some cases I think that’s better than P Diddy. On my agenda for that day: nothing. So here’s what I did.

I woke up at a laaaaaaate 8:15. Sometimes, I just can’t help it. I’m an early riser, what can I say? Then I watched me some TV. It was South Park. I am never disappointed by South Park. Yes, the comedy is quite childish, but I must admit, it’s hilarious. I am not above laughing at fart jokes — not yet, at least.

I also got lunch with my Mom. I love spending time with her — it’s a time when I really feel like I can just be, and that’s okay. Being with my family has always been like that for me. I can relax. There’s no one to impress, no one to please, really. You know they’re going to love you no matter what, so you can really just lie back and relax and just BE. It’s a nice feeling.

I spent a good portion of my day playing guitar, too. I’m mostly playing Blink-182 songs, not just because they’re easy, but because they ABSOLUTELY rock. I’m having a Blink obsession phase — I can’t stop listening to them. Every song they write, I love. They’re all so catchy, and good and exciting! The guitar hooks, the melodies, Tom’s punchy vocals and Mark’s cool tone. Travis’ drumlines are mind-boggling, too, and I simply can’t wait for their next album. Playing the guitar plugged into the amp was really fun. I hadn’t done it in a long time, and it was so rejuvenating to hear that sound! I don’t play nearly as much guitar as I want to in college, and that’s going to change next quarter. Next quarter, I’m going to get my shit together. I’m going to prioritize — that’s important.

In the college bubble, you can get so caught up in who’s doing what, and where you think you should be and what you THINK you should be doing — that you forget what you ACTUALLY should be doing and what you ACTUALLY want to be doing. Sometimes, doing that is harder than doing the other things, but now that I’m on break and far, far away from the hecticness of every day life in college, I’m getting a chance to remember my values. I’m going to try to keep them in order.

I spent a long time with my little sister yesterday, too. God, she annoys the hell out of me nine tenths of the day. But sometimes, I can hang out with her, and she’s just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. We spent a lot of time last night gossiping, (she’s a freshman in high school, that’s really all you can talk about with her) and even though what we were talking about didn’t interest me in any way, it was nice just spending time with her. She told me about the track team and her teachers and the boys she thinks are disgusting and the movies she’s excited to see, and I just decided to enjoy the conversation. Because, what was my other option? Be bored out of my mind and not enjoy any of the time I have with my baby sister? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Oh, why does break have to be so short?

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