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Spring Break Day 11: Man vs Nature (Yosemite Edition)

March 29, 2010

I hiked up a waterfall today. Well, I hiked up the side of a waterfall today. And I got absolutely DRENCHED. And it was EPIC.

Today’s big adventure was a hike to a waterfall. This waterfall is the tallest waterfall in North America — fifth tallest in the world. Anyways, this mofo was huge, and I’ve been to this waterfall many times before, but it’s never looked the way it did today. Usually, I’m at Yosemite in the winter time when all the water is frozen. So every time I’ve seen this fall before has been when it’s very cold and there’s virtually no water falling down.

But today was a WHOLE different ball game. The water was literally GUSHING. It was like ten thousand TONS of water being forced through a small opening and it was glorious!

In the winter, when I hiked up that fall, it was essentially hiking up a bunch of dry rocks, and there was nothing to it. Everything was dry, there was no water, and there were basically no obstacles between me and the top of the mountain.

But today, water was EVERYWHERE. It pounded on the rocks at the bottom mercilessly, and specks of water flew out on the wind, making it virtually impossible to remain dry. And I, along with some pals on the trip with me, decided that the abundance of water wasn’t enough to stop us from our hike. So, we trudged on, slipping and sliding up the rocks, water smacking us in the face and wind freezing us afterwards — all the way to the top. The sound of the pounding water filled our ears and the flying water filled our eyes — and just about everything else.

When we finally decided to turn around and get back down the mountain, our clothes were soaked — as was our hair. Some of us worried we were going to die prematurely of pneumonia, and wished at that moment we had finalized our wills. I joke — but seriously, we were shaking in our shoes. I had never been happier to see the sun or bask in the sunlight.

But, at the end of the day, I was happy that I didn’t let nature defeat me. Yes, the harshly cold and stinging water did assail my face nonstop, and the wind made some lovely additions to my sunburned face. But I still climbed that mountain, and I told Mother Nature to take a hike! Ka-Pow!

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  1. Vic permalink
    April 1, 2010 5:29 pm

    Well, it wasn’t dry in winter… exactly… but I know what you mean. Not the abundance we enjoyed, for sure. !! Ah! Yosemite Falls! Beautifiul in every season! As you say, it’s a great mofo, and rather huge…

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