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Who is that person? What is this place?

June 22, 2010

I’m standing in front of a mirror, I look up — and there’s a person there I don’t recognize …

She’s wearing running shoes, soccer shorts and a t-shirt and it appears that she is holding a gym bag. She is on her way to go and work-out. Whoa — that person’s face looks familiar. OH MY GOD! It’s ME!

I’ve been doing this thing lately — it’s called working out. It’s a foreign concept to me, so I’ll try to explain to you what it is just in case you’re as confused as I still am.

So, there’s this thing called college. And college is a place where young adults from all across the country gather to study, buy massive amounts chips and various other snack foods, and then sit in their dorm room to talk and consume these foods. It is a beautiful place. It is the home of the freshman fifteen (or the freshman fifty, if you’re really enthusiastic).

Now I am no longer in this land called college, and I have been put into contact with this thing called a “gymnasium.” This gymnasium, as most people call it, is a big, scary room with a lot of equipment meant to make your muscles bigger and banish the freshman fifteen/fifty to a place far, far away. I entered this place as an outsider, nervous that I’d be chewed up, spit out and reviled.

Nervously clutching my gym bag, I inched my way in, and timidly turned on a “treadmill,” a contraption that allows it’s user to run in place at the user’s desired speed and time frame. When the machine started up, at first I feared I had awoken a sleeping beast, and I wanted to jump off and scream for help — but after a few moments, I realized that the beast was no beast at all. Rather, it was my friend. The treadmill and I spent 30 glorious minutes together in harmony. I  have revisited it every day since.

I left the gymnasium that day a changed woman. I discovered the beauty it holds, and the beautiful feeling it gives it’s patrons. The gymnasium, if used properly, breathes life into it’s patrons, a phenomenon I had been blind to when I resided in the land of college.

I think I’ve discovered gold! Eureka! I’m going to try to keep my gymnasium discovery under wraps — I don’t want word getting out about how awesome it is. It can be my graceland.

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  1. June 22, 2010 9:43 pm

    Alright! I’m digging the renewed blog action! Keep ’em coming.


    Your first subscriber!

  2. July 16, 2010 9:57 am

    Maybe our next outing should be a walk instead of a sitting-at-a-coffee-shop. Hmmm…

    Let’s go geocatching (or whatever it’s called)!

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