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Still bitter … why does the World Cup always break my heart?

July 2, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen — if you’re all reading the sports section of your newspapers in disbelief, then here’s your virtual slap in the face: What you’re reading is real!

Yes, it’s true! The Netherlands did just come — from behind — to beat Brazil in the second round of the World Cup.


Okay, okay, okay, listen, I’m happy, alright? I watched the whole, damned game, and I was rootin’ for the Netherlands all throughout. Although, I’m gonna admit, when Brazil scored that beautiful goal in the ninth minute, I kind of said to myself, “Well, that’s it for the Netherlands! Nice try, boys, better luck in the next four years!”

But, you know, they came back. Woohoo. Alright. Yeah. Congrats, you Danish guys.

I’m happy about it. I like that the underdog came through. I’d be happier about it, though, if my underdog team had made it, too.

My fear about the World Cup has officially become a reality: now that the US is out of the tournament, I won’t be able to fully enjoy any aspect of the World Cup post-US.

As the Netherlands were coming back against Brazil — freaking Brazil! — all I could think was, “How come we didn’t do that? We’re just as good as those Dutch bastards! Why couldn’t we just beat freakin’ Ghana?”

The confusion, the desperation and the anger are the things that are keeping me from simply being overjoyed at the Netherlands’ success on the field. It was inspirational. It really was. Watching those boys come back like that — against a virtually unbeatable team — reinforces the fact that soccer is, indeed, a game of miracles.

Soccer is a sport where you’re only truly defeated once you’ve given up. As long as you hold on to your hope, you’re holding on to a chance for victory. The Netherlands did that today. I just still can’t figure out why the US didn’t.

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