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Space Terrors: Part III

July 8, 2010

****I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted additions to the saga, so in case you’re just joining in on the fun, you might want to catch yourselves up with Part I and Part II****


“Everyone remain calm. Do not panic. Our army fleet has left to meet the invaders. We will update you all on every new development, just remember to remain calm” boomed the PA system on the Endless Journey.

“Easier said than done,” thought Zygrila in a frenzy.

She had never felt so dejected in her whole life. She was locked in her room, her father had left her in a cold gesture, and she was helpless to fight on his, and the Endless Journey’s, behalf. She wanted more than anything to break out of her position of solitary confinement, find the Quartog invaders, and do something about their intrusion. But she was helpless. Cyrus, her father, had ordered Targon, his second command, to keep watch over her to make sure she never met harm. But this, Zygrila slowly realized, was doing her more harm than if she had been stunned by one of the Quartog’s ray guns.

Zygrila couldn’t stand the injustice of the situation: if Cyrus, her father, got to run off and fight battles for the Endless Journey, why couldn’t she? Why did she have to stay cooped up under intense scrutiny and safety like a helpless coward while he risked his life? If he could stare death in the face and spit in it, then she wanted that same option.

But Cyrus had done everything he could to remove that option from Zygrila’s choices. Targon was keeping a close watch on her, and she could do nothing but pace to and fro in her solitary space pod.

She looked out her window among the stars and planets. She saw far-away galaxies sparkling like Christmas lights and inter-stellar dust billowing in the galactic wind. And suddenly, she was taken aback. A notion had just occured to her that she had never before considered. It was at that moment that she truly realized how small she was — how small the Endless Journey was.

And it was at that moment, too, that she understood just how much she loved her space station. She didn’t care how small it was in the grand scheme of things, and it didn’t matter how little she was or what anyone else thought about her ability to make a difference in this war.

Sure, she hadn’t even graduated from Junior Space Academy, and no, she could not yet see over the kitchen counter — but Zygrila had something more important than size, strength and experience. She had spirit. She had determination. And she had a beating, yearning heart that loved the space station more than anything, and was willing to stop beating if it meant victory for her beloved Endless Journey.

In a time of such uncertainty, Zygrila was sure of one thing: She was going to fight the Quartogs somehow, and there was nothing Targon, Cyrus, or anyone the interstellar universe could do about it.

She started looking frantically around her pod for ways to escape unnoticed. She pushed on windows, searched for secret passageways, looked for disguises — but all to no avail. There was no way out of the pod. So, she concluded, if she couldn’t leave the pod behind, it would just have to come with her.

She walked over to the pod’s tiny control center, and pressed the big, red button — the button she had specifically been forbidden to press. It was the ejection button.

The moment she clicked that button, a loud clanking noise thundered through the pod, and she suddenly heard Targon yelling, “Zygrila? Zygrila! What have you done? Zygrila, you can’t! Come back, come back!”

But Zygrila could care less about Targon’s frantic shrieks — she had to navigate her pod. Suddenly she felt power and confidence coursing through her body– it was a feeling that was foreign to her, but a feeling she embraced with every part of her being. She didn’t know why — but she felt more at home in the mouth of danger and almost certain destruction than anywhere else. She felt the tingling of uncertainty with a twinge of fear, but immediately brushed it aside to usher in a wave of determination and concentration.

She was going to find the Quartog leader. She was going to make him change his mind. And if he couldn’t be swayed — she was going to destroy him.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 9, 2010 7:42 am

    emilia! this story is AWESOME! i’m so in love with it. my heart is racing with nervousness for zygrila

  2. Gus Hastalis permalink
    July 9, 2010 6:43 pm

    couldn’t there be a character named Gus somewhere in all of this?

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