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Blink 182 … lied to me?

September 18, 2010

I didn’t want to believe it was true. Hell, I still don’t want to believe it’s true. But what can I do? Reality is staring me in the face with a baseball bat and a malicious glint in it’s eye.

Blink-182 lied to me. Will I ever recover?

For months, I’ve looked forward to the premiere of Mark Hoppus’ (the band’s brilliant bassist and songwriter) show, A Different Spin, not only because it means that I get a guaranteed hour each week of my hero making fart jokes on national television, but there was another important reason: the show, the band and even Wikipedia advertised that in the premiere episode of the show, a new Blink-182 song would be aired.

Now, let me straighten something out — I would not be disappointed at all if the following had happened: the band simply advertised the show and never mentioned a new song. In that scenario, all I would have looked forward to would have been their beautiful, boyish faces on screen and all would be right with the world. I would have seen Mark Hoppus interview John Mayer on his show, have some laughs, share some facts, swap some stories, and I would have finished the hour-long show not only fulfilled but also content.

That’s saying something.

A disappointed fan ... who has nothing to do with the Blink-182 album.

But here’s the brutal reality with which I am faced: Mark told me there would be a song. Tom told me there would be a song. Travis just kinda chilled there like he always does. Wikipedia told me there would be a song. The show said so. I believed. I got excited. My heart was broken. My faith was shattered. My spirit was … almost entirely damaged.

When I discovered that all my anticipation was in vain; that all my hope had built up for a lost cause, I became disillusioned. It was almost like I lost a hero.

Now I am once again embroiled in a waiting game. A little taste of their new music would have been enough to get me through the waiting period for their new album with relatively few road bumps. Now, the wait will feel like I’m standing on a bed of hot coals with no shoes while trying to throw off  a wild, frantic monkey from my back.

Why couldn’t you just be there for me, Blink? Instead you had to lie to me. You dangled my dream in front of me for months and right at the climax of all my anticipation, right when I was at my happiest, you stole everything from me.

And guess what? I still love you guys. That’s true love.

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  1. Gus hastalis permalink
    September 18, 2010 8:14 am

    Gus worries that u like the blink a little too much….

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