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On Government

January 24, 2011

“Taxes, no taxes, charity, trust.”
“Health care, reform, stocks, boom and bust.”
“Citizens of America, we need change, we must work together, we must set the stage ….”

And I turn off the TV.
And I close the newspaper.
And I silence the radio.

And I wish you could see yourself as I do – and see what you make me do.

When you say “we,” you mean “us” not “you.”
And you need to tell us what we’re doing wrong because “we” are not you —
You are above it all.
You fly Air Force One.
We fly once we’ve taken two hits from a warm gun.

We need to bring change to our schools, jobs and houses?
But you don’t mean all schools, jobs and houses.

You’d never set foot inside the School of Hard Knocks.
You’d never last a day working a single mother’s shift.
You barge in and search our houses and homes for corruption when blow jobs, crack and counterfeit checks are being peddled in your House of Representatives.
How can you expect us to bridge divides across countries when you can’t respect your colleagues across the goddamned aisle?

You tell me to give and trust and love and I will —
I swear to Bob Dylan I will!
I just wish you’d live by your own words.
I wish I could drop a mirror in front of you as you speak into the camera,
So that once you’re done giving orders to us, telling us what we’ve got to do, what we’ve got to change, what justice truly is,
You’ll look up and realize you’ve been giving yourself your own advice.
And maybe then you’d follow it.
Maybe then your words and your actions wouldn’t be as detached as a leg from an amputee.

I wish I could hear and record the words of your shriveled up soul instead of the drivel spillin’ from your lips.

You tell me to do and I do and you don’t and I’m disgusted by the distance you keep from depressed homes.
You preach from penthouses and your words fall to the sidewalk and crash and scatter into pieces and fall into drainage canals
And we find them and pick them up, piece them back together, try to show them to you again and you act like you don’t recognize them
Because you think they’re broken.
But they’re not.
We fixed ‘em when you ditched ‘em and we built a stronger picture.
Maybe next time you should take a dive.
You’d be amazed to see what happens when you go a day without getting your shoes shined.

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  1. Caitlin permalink
    January 25, 2011 1:31 pm


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