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Makin’ Change — Getting from HERE to THERE

January 26, 2011

I do not know where there is.
Hell, if I knew, I’d be there, wouldn’t I?
I sure as hell wouldn’t be here.
Right? <—-

—-> And that, right there, is here.
That idea. That thought.
The feeling that here isn’t there and never will be.
That’s what needs to not be.
This is what should be said instead: “Here is where I need to be.”
I sit here and am there and I am content to sit here and be
And breathe
And not need to see, hear(ere) or do a single thing thing more.

But that state is so far away.
You could travel all 50 from sea to shining sea and still not reach that state.
Because that state isn’t just a land mass we can buy — sign on the dotted line and toss it into the union.
That state is currently in the states — we just need to change the state of the states —
And I’m not talking state pictures on change we don’t toss into upturned hats, open guitar cases and collection jars.
I’m talkin’ changing the state of people within the states who toss change into vending machines instead of broken wings.
I’m talking changing the thought process of a bum who sleeps above piles of spat-out gum —
That before he thinks of himself as scum, he takes a moment to listen to his heartbeat drum and realize —
We are all, ultimately, one.
That beating, the ticking reminder every day that we are ultimately the same.
No better, no worse,
It’s just the weight of our purse that dictates who he, she, me and we think we are.

I’m talkin’ about the change that can exist once we realize that all we have is here.
And once we embrace here and taste here and look into the crying, crooked, bloodstained, smiling face of here,
we’ll realize that it’s worth it to buy here a band-aid and a handshake to transform it
Into there.

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  1. Gus permalink
    January 26, 2011 4:50 pm

    Crying, crooked, bloodstained and smiling — I salute the face of HERE and NOW.

    That’s fantastic!

    Gus likes.

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