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Legislating Morality: On what morals is America grounded?

January 28, 2011

I — and, of course, Yours Truly.
I am exceptional.
I am first.

Oh, yeah — you too, I guess.
I remember.
I promise!
This land is, of course, your land before it’s my land, right?

And then again, it’s WE the people, isn’t it?
WE the people! Us! U.S.!
You AND me!
See? It’s me too.

But, ultimately, I pledge allegiance to the flag.
I put my right hand over my heart and I begin.
You’re great — yes you are. I mean, you’re American — how could you NOT be?

But when it comes right down to it, it’s about me …

I look down and see MY shadow over these amber waves of grain.
I’ve scaled these purple mountains,
Shoved MY red, white and blue into the dirt and pledged MY allegiance to it —
No one else’s.

Uncle Sam wants ME.
I AM the Biggest Loser.
I AM the next American Idol.
I think I can DANCE.
Hell, I KNOW I can dance!
Watch me dance! Right now! Watch me!

Mine. Me.

I work. I make money. My money. MINE.
Don’t tax it, don’t take it! You robbers! You swine!
My family, my kids, my house and my lawn.
Come if you’re mowing, then make sure you’re gone.
A gate ’round my garden, a lock on my door.
You take what you make, you work HARD for more.
I get what I earn and I use what I learn —
Screw the teachers who taught me with no cash to burn!
If I’ve got mine, then I’m all set —
Go figure yourself out, I’m not responsible! Who said?

I’m just a young American — it’s ME against YOU.

I drive down the highway in my convertible two seater —
The hitchhikers are blurs, the wind’s all I can hear.
America, you’re beautiful, I love you, God knows.
You’ve inspired me to be who I am — I hope it shows.

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