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What does Devising and Spoken Word mean to you?

January 29, 2011

The direction of the renegade hitchhiker’s thumb changes with the wind.
He knows where he’s going. He doesn’t have a destination in mind — but he’s always, always, ALWAYS along for the ride.
He’s always game.
For anything.
Anywhere there’s an experience to be had, a thought to be provoked, a mind to be shaped, a heart to be touched, a smile to be cracked — he’s there,
And he’s responsible for it.
He’s the regular at your local open mic night.
He’s the kid that just won’t stop talking in class.
He got chosen last for the Dodgeball team but was the first to tell them he’d rather slam than BE slammed anyways.
He’s always thinking — but his mind is racing too fast to answer the questions you have.
He takes his time while moving at the speed of light.
He never walks on paved roads.
He only takes the road less travelled — and that’s only when he’s decided to travel on roads.
Most of the time he’s on cloud 9.
He’s figured out a way to fly, and he’s trying to tell us how — we just can’t understand him yet.
And we love him for it.
We love his confidence.
We love his creativity — his curiosity.
We love him because we know — we’re certain — there’s no one else like him.
And the day that we find someone else like him is the day that art is dead.
And we’re comforted by the fact that art is immortal — it’s always changing, so it can never get old.
And that truth keeps him alive – keeps him thriving, creating, thinking, sharing, travelling.
He knows where he’s going – he’s going ANYWHERE.
All he wants to know is …
Who’s willing to take the ride with him?

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  1. Victoria Zielinski permalink
    January 30, 2011 6:59 pm

    I love this poem. I love him. And I love you!

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