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Is there still hope?

February 2, 2011

Mommy, I wanna grow up to wear pants instead of dresses.
Mommy, one day, I promise I’ll make solutions instead of messes!
Mommy, I swear, the world I live in today will see a change, and I’ll make it, and I’ll pave a new way!
Mommy, I know things may seem bad for us now.
You’ve got bills, and a mortgage and a broken down house.
There are people who say that love isn’t love if the people within it aren’t different enough.
There are all kinds of parties with exclusive guest lists that we’ve somehow missed ’cause our last name doesn’t make heads spin.
When I grow up, Mommy, I’ll find you the hope that you’ve lost through the years you try to cope
With the disappointments and fears, and faith drowned in your own tears.
You paid for my school, something you never had — and I’m learning new ways to find hope in this mad-ness.
And the things that I’ve learned ignites in me a burn-ing desire to make a liar out of everyone whose ever doubted my ability to make it out of this hole we call now.
Mommy, I promise I know how!
Mommy, just listen and learn from me now —
The trick is to have faith in in no one but yourself.
Keep your faith away from the faces on Face the Nation or the talking heads on any news station.
The mouths that tell you they’ll change your life derive from lies made and said to make you give up, to make you give in, to shake you and break you, but Mom, we’re starting again!
You raised me higher and I see past the bull shit —
Life’s a card game, we’ve got the hand to win — but they want us to quit.
And I know you’ve kept trying — you’re trying for me.
Now I’m trying for you so our future can be
Something we never ever thought we could have.
A world where you can retire with Dad
And  live a long life with no worries about
the medicine you just might have to live without.
You taught me and brought me to a new place
Where the sun’s shining bright,
And we can finally taste the good life.
It’s not far away.
We’ll get there Mommy.
I promise.

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  1. Barbra Zuanich-Friedman permalink
    February 2, 2011 9:40 pm

    OMG! Emelia. Pls. keep ’em coming…where are you getting this?

  2. February 15, 2011 6:34 am

    thnx bro

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