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Don’t take my Nesquik

February 5, 2011

I was told to write about the fact that some find Obama’s health care plan to be unconstitutional, and the tension rising because of the fact that the government plans on taxing sodas and juices in grocery stores.Enjoy!:


Oh no, my baby can’t get her cancer in a can tax-free anymore — what is this nation coming to?
Obama, stop telling our families what to do — what we can and can’t drink!
My baby wants Coke — don’t you think you’re taking your control too far?
You’re taxing everything but the kitchen sink and maybe —
Maybe that’s next.

Don’t tax my Nesquik. I need that — you’re sick!
Sometimes, Obama, water’s just not good enough.
And usually, getting it from the tap is too tough — and even bottled water isn’t quite the stuff that hits the spot —
I need Diet Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda — keep your taxing hands off!

Obama, you’re a nice man — you have a lot of … might?
Your wife is a gem, but this whole taxing thing just isn’t right!
If only our Founding Fathers were aware
Of the this injustice — you must listen — our lives are in the air!
“Give me Light Beer, or give me death!”
We won’t rest — we’ll protest!
We might even come out from our kitchens — it’s a cause to yell about!
We’ll go up to Washington and have our fit — show all the lawmakers we refuse to submit
To their legislation that’s trying to split up middle class families —
Come on, Obama, admit it! You’re a socialist, a fascist, a Marxist — a muslim!
Your middle name’s Hussein — I’m afraid for my children
Who may now be forced to get health care from you!
Obama, who told you that we would approve
Of this cracked up regime —
You’re invading our homes, and I can’t believe you’re telling our families we’re mandated to heed your call to have health care —
Obama, my pockets will bleed from being pinched by your greedy, grasping hands — hear my plea!
I don’t want your health care — don’t force it on me —
After all, what does being in the Land of the Free mean?
The only condition I have that’s pre-existing
Is a fear of you as my Commander in Chief!

But now that my worst fears are realized
There’s not much I can do except run and hide
In my basement, but I can’t even stock up on supplies,
‘Cause you’ve taxed my soda, my juice, you corporate swine!

Obama, you’ve overstepped your boundaries — you’ve crossed that final line —
You’ve dropped the legislative straw that broke the middle class’ spine.
Give me soda and juice and give it tax-free
And don’t spread your health care from sea to shining sea.
It’s juices I need, not health care for free —
Obama, don’t you get it? I wish you understood me.

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