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Here and There

February 7, 2011

I’ve always known how to get here.
I’m always here. Everyone is here —
They’re in their here.
There has always been a different question.
And it’s complicated, man!
So many different questions to answer before we can answer the different question.
Where IS there?
WHAT is there?
And what is IN there?
When did we even decide that there wasn’t here? I mean – how big is here anyways?
And why can’t my here and there overlap?
Who decided? And is he/she here or there?
Maybe he’s anywhere and everywhere.
My there could be everywhere — but if it’s everywhere — wouldn’t it also be my here?

And what will happen to me?
Will I change once I witness my THERE changing to HERE?

But HOW is the most confusing question.
Most confusing because we have the most answers, most choices, most decisions to make.
Hover transportation is already out.
Until we’ve advanced our technology it will only be a pipe dream.

But really … do I even WANT to get there?
It seems as though there’s still too much to do here!

If I go there, I can’t hear the music here…

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