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POV of a lobbyist trying to corrupt a politician

February 8, 2011

Senator, senator — shake my hand,
I’m sizing you up and I see where you stand —
your ground is as shaky as a losing team’s game plan
And my words are an earthquake to shatter your land —
You have morals? I’ll burn them, sink them in the quicksand
of my persuasive, invasive, pervasive right hand
as I shake yours with a signed check, courtesy of the man.
You know what this means, it means business — I’m feeding the machine!
I want laws, legislation — but pandered to me!
Mr. Senator, I know your salary, don’t pretend you don’t see
the divide between the paychecks you and I receive
If I can give you a lift, you can cast a vote for me.

Please, Mr. Senator, I have a proposition:
You’ll never have to worry about your children’s tuititon
Your life will be easy, and simple — submission
is all that I ask — please, give me permission
To taint the rose tinted glasses that clouded your vision
And show you the world of unfettered ambition,
Where people are payed for a sound recognition
that Washington operates under one bold condition:
You work for yourself, make your own definitions,
Show your constituents your OWN brand of politician.

Smile, wave, nod, smile — make people believe you, use your guile —
Win them over — we can help — we’ll give you money for campaigns ads while
While you lie to your constituents — like lullabies and bedtime stories for a child.
You have their trust — they elected you, and now you’re in the throes of the wild
world of Washington — don’t let yourself be trampled —
there’s no room for mild souls here — those get filed away
into history books as stories of defeat. They’re reviled and complied and placed on one sheet
in one book on one shelf — that’s their whole legacy. You don’t want their life — you listen to me!
Do what you know you must to to succeed — lie, cheat and steal — just follow my lead.
I’ll stand behind you with a mask as you proceed to march to the podeum.
We’ve already written your speech.

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  1. February 8, 2011 4:30 pm

    You have identified once of the deadliest cancers eating away at our democracy. Big money.

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